First and foremost I have to acknowledge the dedicated staff here at Denali Surgical Specialists, LLC Jaliyn Gilbertson, Jean Fifield, and Lynsey Rochester. They all hold patient care as their top priority. Thanks to SUPER NURSE, Barbara Thoma who gave so much to the patience and helped me stay organized until she retired. Mary Beth Alison who cheerfully filled in and helped us out when we most needed her.

Mitchell H. Goldman, MD Professor and Chairman Department of Surgery University of Tenessee for giving me the opportunity to become a general surgeon. He is the ultimate professor and coach.

Brenda Matthews, Consultant, Coker Group. Brenda has provided guidance and insight from A through Z on how to set up and maintain a medical practice in a rapidly changing environment, yet maintain the spirit of our calling and make business sense.

Marla and Parley Payne are my aunt and uncle who exemplify the balanced life -- God, family, work, and play.

Skip Via. Look around. He's the guy who created this web site. Foremost he is a citizen of the world and a musical virtuoso.

Eric Cray, CI Consultants, has lead our Information Technology team to the successful implementation of our electronic medical record and electronic practice management system. Less paper means saving trees. Eric also designed and installed our in-office sound system, the intention of which is to provide for an acoustic sound barrier to further insure privacy. This will also make a selection of enjoyable music available for our patients throughout the office.

Dr. Mark Wade, Texan and orthopedic surgeon who did what many thought couldn't be done. He brought a world class surgery center to Fairbanks, Alaska. The Surgery Center of Fairbanks has brought great opportunity to the Fairbanks Community-- patients, nurses, doctors, construction workers, local business, etc.

Dr. Karl Baurick, of Interior Women's Health. Through vision, hard work, and a dedicated family has build a first class medical facility in Fairbanks, Alaska. He is my landlord who built out a state of the art office and procedure room for me and my staff.

Steve Susoyev, my life long friend and Godfather of my children.

Richard Anderson, MD is a retired physician, OG/GYN. He was my mentor when I started my career in surgery. He epitomizes the best that medicine has to offer. His heart, soul, and sweat has always been with the patient and any team of which he was a member. He is a friend of all and a man of Peace.

Craig Smith, Pro Music, just because he is a honest business person and good guy. Along with Grass Roots Guitar Company and Music Mart our youth have an avenue for creative, constructive musical outlet. These folks are bringing a great deal to Fairbanks. They need and deserve our patronage.

Pat Fitzgerald and Robin Dale Ford, Tenth Planet Recording Studio, are music teachers and mentors to the Fairbanks youth, including my son. It truly takes a village to raise a child. Thanks Pat & Robin.

Mike Flynn, Folk Sampler. Comes to us from the Foothills of the Ozarks since 1978. My favorite radio show.

KUAC, our home town television and radio.

Fairbanks Folk Festival. I guess it is obvious I love music.

Priscilla Stoddard, Certified Nurse Anesthetist for always being right.

All healthcare workers in Alaska. It is an honor and pleasure to be a member of the dedicated team of healthcare workers in the wonderful State of Alaska.

The Purple Blues Band— a group of my music pals that help me stay sane: Scott, Eamon, Lisa, Spencer, and Jason.

-Dr. Jon LIeberman


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