General Surgery

The American Board of Surgery certifies surgeons in the Specialty of General Surgery. This includes diagnosis and operative treatment for conditions of the abdomen, head and neck, vessels, and chest-- dealing with cancer, trauma, and other malfunctions within the organ systems of children and adults. Typical operations performed include hernia repair, laproscopic gallbladder removal, colon cancer removal, breast cancer operations, appendectomy, varicose vein treatment, hemorrhoid treatment, skin biopsy, organ repair from trauma, endoscopy, etc. A doctor wishing to pursue general surgery will spend an additional 5 or 6 years of rigorous hands on and academic training so that he/she will have the skill sets to practice in this diverse field.   General surgeons are not general practitioners.   They are specialists in the field of General Surgery.   A "board certified" general surgeon is "certified" specialist recognized by the American Medical Association and the American College of Surgeons.

Dr. Lieberman in surgical garb Our definition of a surgery consultation is to assemble and evaluate the patients medical records and X-ray images, interview and examine the patient, and render an opinion about the patient's medical condition. Education and communication are integral for the patient to understand the alternatives, risks, and benefits of any given medical strategy.

Modern technology is offering physicians and patients more options regarding minimally invasive operations (video assisted surgery with tiny openings) versus traditional open operations. We are highly motivated to offer minimally invasive approaches when it is in our patient's best interest -- based on state of the art/science, the patient's unique circumstances, and our own experiences. The Specialty of General Surgery is a broad field and requires an aggressive, dedicated approach for a General Surgeon to stay current and credentialed. Circumstances vary, so the best approach for diagnosis and treatment is always arrived at through a frank, informed discussion. When it is in the patient’s best interest, we do not hesitate to refer a patient elsewhere for diagnosis or treatment.

Needless to say, medical care has improved over the years and has become increasingly more complicated. The delivery of quality health care is a team approach requiring constant collaboration among your various providers in Fairbanks including anesthesiologists, cardiologists, dentists, dermatologists, family practitioners, general internists, nurse practitioners, oncologists, orthopedists, otolaryngologists, ophthalmologists, pathologists, pediatricians, physician assistants, plastic surgeons, podiatrists, psychiatrists, and radiologists. Alternative medicine -- naturopathic, chiropractic, accupuncture, etc., serve a valuable role in patient care.  Nurses, physical therapists, pharmacists, social workers, etc., are essential members of the health delivery team. Dr. Lieberman closeup with mask


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