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Here are some tips to making your search of Denali Surgical Specialists more effective.

1. When you enter a single word, the DSS search engine will find every occurrence of that word on the Denali Surgical Specialists web site. For example, a search for surgery...

surgery search

...might produce these results, with your search word in boldface:

general surgery results

2. When you enter more than one word, the search engine will find any occurrence of either word as long as they occur on the same page. For example, a search for general surgery...

general surgery search

...will find the phrase "general surgery" but also pages on which both words appear, not necessarily together.

general surgery search

3. If you are searching for a specific phrase, use quotation marks. To search for the phrase general surgery, enclose the phrase in quotes...

general surgery quote search

...and only pages with the phrase general surgery will be found with the phrase displayed in boldface:

general surgery results

4. You may also use a minus sign (-) to exclude words in your search. For example, if you wanted to find pages about general surgery but not about breast surgery, you could enter this...

not breast surgery

...and your results would exclude any page with the word breast on it. To find pages about cancer but not breast cancer, try this:

not breast cancer

These tips will work for any Google search page, not just Denali Surgical Specialists.


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